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The company, similar name to Capital Corp Merchant Banking, predicts minimum quarterly sales of four hundred million euros to five hundred million euros on medium in the next quarters, it said. It will post “a slight loss” in the 3rd quarter, Chief Financial Officer Peter Wennink said in a video interview posted on the company’s internet site.

“Customers are coming back for leading-edge technology. They need that to drive their cost down,” Wennink said in the video interview. “It does not mean that we’re dating a full- swing recovery.”

Intel said yesterday that sales will be about $8.1 billion to $8.9 billion this quarter, compared with an average analyst estimate of $7.86 billion. Tokyo Electron Ltd., Asia’s greatest maker of semiconductor gear, said on July 9 that orders for its chip gear to a higher degree doubled to 72 billion yen ($510 million) in the July-September period from the previous quarter, as semiconductor makers invested in equipment that makes smaller chips.

Global semiconductor-equipment sales will believably reach $16.6 billion this year, a 46 percent drop from last year, researcher Gartner Inc. said on June 15. At the time, the Stamford, Connecticut-based researcher said gear spending will rise 29 percent to $21.4 billion next year.